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Floor plan presentations are one of the necessary and most important presentations of architectural presentations. Preparation of floor plans is one of the first steps in the development of an architectural project. Plan plane is a plane that will shape human life in the building. In addition, although the cross-section of the project is as important as the plan, it is very difficult to deal with the cross-section plane, especially for users who do not have technical knowledge. For residential designs that are frequently produced and unfortunately reduced to a certain pattern, the design of the project section is made by most architects within certain dimensions and is handled over a standard. For this reason, expressing and examining floor plans is of higher priority for users and constitutes the greatest importance. In this respect, it is necessary to present the floor plans to the user by expressing them in a qualified and qualified manner.


In the project marketing processes, most of the marketing and real estate companies attach great importance to the facade visuals and interior visuals, and place the floor plan presentations on a secondary plan. But it should be noted that this is a big mistake. So much so that the main issue in house sales is the user's criticism of the usefulness of the flat or detached house, that is, whether the relationship of the space volumes with each other is in accordance with the lifestyle and standards of the user. In this case, the quality of the floor plan presentations is at least as important as the facade design and interior design. Even though the interior presentations are a 3D visual parameter that reflects the use of the project, it is difficult to speak clearly about dimensions or quantities in interior presentations. For this reason, users can clearly perceive and read the living volumes they are wondering about, such as the kitchen, living room, hallway or bedroom, only from the floor plans. For floor plan presentations, many visualization offices prefer to create a 2D floor plan presentation with common editing tools such as Autocad and Photoshop as an easy method.


As All Render, we draw attention to floor plan presentations, produce floor plans with this sensitivity and visualize them effectively using different 3D visualization tools. Contrary to general usage, we prepare floor plans in a 3D presentation format by using 3D tools instead of 2D tools. In floor plan studies, we place 3-dimensional fixed and movable furniture models into the project model, based on the furnishing order in the application project. We create effective use of space by rendering these 3D models, which we place in the project model, with realistic sunlight in architectural rendering software. With this method, we aim to convey the life and feeling of the house to the users in the best way, as well as ensuring that the visual is aesthetic. The floor plan is a technical drawing and it is very difficult for someone who does not have technical drawing training to perceive it. We turn this power state into an easy review and critique experience for the user with our 3D floor plan presentations. Considering all these aspects, you can understand that floor plan drawings and presentations are of great importance in project launch processes. The preparation of floor plan presentations by architect visualization experts is also important in terms of reading the application project correctly. Visualization professionals who are not architects may have difficulties in this regard, and may have difficulty in understanding some forms of expression and transferring them to the presentation. As All Render, we prepare your floor plans in an interesting way by using 3D elements in your floor plans, visualizing them with clear and soft color tones. 

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